Stanley Aeroscout Tag Calibrations

Posted on 05/17/2020 in category Latest News

Stanley Aeroscout Tag Calibrations

Sometimes a new direction starts with a conversation.

Accuserve is in the unique position of offering flexible solutions to its customers. There is not a corporate network of managers required to decide what direction to go in next. For example, we were approached by a vendor and hosptial network a few years ago. The hospital had recently aquired hundreds of new Real-Time Location temperature data loggers. Migrating from a system of individual refrigerator and freezer thermometers, they upgraded to this RTL network of temperature sensors. The advantages and improvement was great for day-to-day temperature monitoring of critial medical storage and supplies. However, the challenge of getting these accurate temperature sensors calibrated became the next challenge. It was determined that the best solution was to have a vendor calibrate these sensors in place- across many floors and different network hospitals and clinics as well. We were able to respond quickly to provide a clear plan on how to accomplish this new type of project (new to the customer and Accuserve).

We continue to provide this type of service, as we just completed an assignment in May of 2020. This job also required battery replacement for each sensor tag. We were able to calibrate and replace each sensor tag with minimal disruption to the network of temperature sensors.

Please contact us if you have this or any challenging calibration need.